The New Masculine

Mac Scotty McGregor- Trans Man, Queer, Teacher

Episode Summary

On this episode, Travis talks with transgender activist, educator, and founder of the Seattle-based nonprofit, Positive Masculinity, Mac Scotty MacGregor. In his work, Mac provides gender and LGBTQIA diversity training for corporations, colleges, and groups around the world as well as hosts private groups and workshops for heart-led masculine people. He also recently released the accompanying book to his men’s work, Positive Masculinity Now: A Heart Led Guide Toward a Conscious, Emotionally Intelligent, & Inclusive Masculinity. Topics discussed include: gender socialization, how the world treats you based on your perceived gender, queer masculinities, how nurturing can be a masculine role, creating more depth in masculine friendships, the challenges of a binary system, agility over rigidity, Trans athletes, and the work of his nonprofit Positive Masculinity.

Episode Notes

To connect with Mac Scotty McGregor:

Get the book: Positive Masculinity Now

IG: @positivemasculinitynow

Facebook: Positive Masculinity Now


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IG: @travers03