The New Masculine

Justin Long- Artist, Entrepreneur, Husband

Episode Summary

On this episode, Travis talks with author and entrepreneur, Justin B. Long. Justin's history includes significant childhood abuse which deeply and negatively impacted his view of self. The consequences of the trauma he experienced and the negative self-image he carried included addictions, anger issues, and broken relationships. But Justin, with the help of a skilled therapist, put in the work to heal from the adverse childhood experiences and has created a completely different trajectory for his life. In his new book, The Righteous Rage of a Ten Year Old Boy: A Journey of Self Discovery, he shares his battle toward emotional health and the benefits of the therapeutic relationship. Together, Travis and Justin discuss the consequences of a shame based view of self, childhood trauma, sobriety, the importance of a good therapist, EMDR, and what it takes to create long lasting change in one's life.

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