The New Masculine

Gizmo Pickleball (pt. 2)- Race and Racism

Episode Summary

On this episode, Travis brings back guest Gizmo Pickleball to discuss issues of race and racism in America. While acts of racism are more acutely in our awareness due to the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, so many more (some more subtle and others just as overt) happen without our awareness every day. Through sharing his own experiences of racism and a system that is stacked against black and brown people, Gizmo helps us see more of the realities people like him face. Together the men explore the concept of integrity and Gizmo points to actions that must be aligned for true integrity to exist. Travis recognized that he missed opportunities to explore this important element of Gizmo's life in their previous episode and sees this continued conversation as an opportunity to learn, step back into the integrity, and become a better ally.

Episode Notes

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Facebook: Jay Hall and GIZMO Pickleball

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Song referenced: My Vote Don't Count- YelloPain

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