The New Masculine

Gizmo Pickleball- Father, Introvert, Mentor

Episode Summary

On this episode, Travis talks with professional pickleball player, Gizmo Pickleball. Gizmo describes himself as a father, as an introvert, and as a mentor. The power of his story exists in his demonstration of New Masculine traits even though he never really had a prominent masculine influence in his own life. Gizmo helps Travis discuss the impacts of socioeconomic status on norms, mental health struggles that many men face, and shares what he has done to break free from the socialized pattern of abandoning self to fit in. His past includes challenging life lessons and yet he finds purpose in what he calls "pouring into others". Listen to him share his story of transformation as he turns his focus toward mentorship and service to others, especially children and youth.

Episode Notes

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Facebook: Jay Hall and GIZMO Pickleball

Instagram: @gizmo_pickleball




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Instagram: @travers03