The New Masculine

Gil Bar-Sela- Queer Man, Compassionate Listening Facilitator

Episode Summary

On this episode, Travis invites fellow coach and friend Gil Bar-Sela to share his perspectives on masculinity. Travis and Gil have been having conversations like the ones held on The New Masculine podcast since the beginning of their friendship and are so excited to invite others into that space. Gil identifies as a queer man and connects to his version of healing work as a Compassionate Listening Facilitator. He shares his personal experiences of growing up in a militarized culture (Israel), being a combatant in war, and his now alignment with healing and transformational work. He offers important insight into how our identities are shaped by trauma, the realities of generational trauma, and the core wounds of self-hatred and disconnection that he sees in many of the people with whom he works. While Gil is honest about the current crises of masculinity, his invitation to deep listening (both internal and external) is a must hear as we transform and explore new ways forward.

Episode Notes

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