The New Masculine

Brad Watson- Father, Friend, Husband

Episode Summary

On this episode, Travis talks with Brad Watson, author of the new book, Prey: The Secret That Almost Killed Me. This conversation is one of those, as Brad refers to it, "sweaty palms" conversations which cause many of us deep discomfort to even acknowledge. Brad was the victim of childhood sexual abuse for several years at the hands of a trusted neighbor. And further traumatizing was the inability, due to his upbringing and fear about what it meant about his masculinity, to tell anyone what he was going through. Now he's sharing his story, including the depths of his journey, in the hopes of normalizing these conversations and freeing other men to get the help they need. Topics discussed include "cowboy up" culture, childhood sexual abuse, destructive coping strategies (including substance abuse, cutting, suicide attempts, and more), the importance of curiosity when navigating trauma, his sobriety, and the lessons from these experiences that he brings into his current life. This is a big topic we are addressing. But, I hope you will sit with this man as he brings us into a vitally important piece of our conversations on masculinity.

Episode Notes

If you are a man who has experienced sexual abuse, or know someone who has, and are looking for resources, here are some options to begin with:


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