The New Masculine

Bill Attride- Astrologer, Seer, Transformer

Episode Summary

On this episode, Travis talks with Astrologer Bill Attride, who in a reading from 2015, helped to point Travis in the direction of work around masculinity. Bill identifies as an astrologer, as a seer, and as a transformer. He offers to The New Masculine a uniquely perspective that blends metaphysical and psychological insights with the language of astrology to help us better understand the wildly changing landscape around masculinity and patriarchal systems. Bill helps Travis explore the current astrological phase which is marked by an overdevelopment of ego and the separate, individualized self. Together they discuss the environmental, psychological, economic, and political consequences of this imbalance. He finished the episode by offering his interpretation of the new, astrological phase we are entering- one that he hopes will move us beyond the egoic self and restore balance to our world.

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